fluent3DMeshToFoam error

OpenFOAM 5.x
Fluent 16.0

Create time

Dimension of grid: 3
Number of points: 104083
Number of faces: 1186443
Number of cells: 587403
--> FOAM Warning : Found unknown block of type: "3010"
    on line 14

Do not understand characters: �
    on line 15

    From function virtual int yyFlexLexer::yylex()
    in file fluent3DMeshToFoam.L at line 753.

FOAM exiting

这个是由于 .msh 的格式造成的。在 fluent 输出网格时,选择文本格式 (ascii) 就可以了。二进制的 OpenFOAM 读不了。

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